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My name is Sandra Tuszynska (think two shins (in a) car). I am an Australian based agricultural scientist who specialises in soil microbiology with a focus on soil fungi (mycology). I strongly believe we can create a beautiful, clean, abundant and fruitful future for ourselves and this planet by supporting the soil ecosystem. I believe this because I have witnessed the superpowers of the tiny microbial life namely bacteria and fungi.

My research has focused on biodegradation of pesticides in cotton field soil at Sydney University, followed by PhD research on the effects and detoxification of heavy metals in root symbiotic (mycorrhizal) fungi at the University of NSW. I then studied the regulation of phosphate, carbohydrate and heavy metal uptake and transfer in mycorrhizal fungi at Rutgers University of New Jersey.

More recently I have become fascinated with the microorganisms comprising the soil food web and how these key players ensure plant nutrition and immunity, soil structure, water retention, carbon sequestration and pollutant remediation among other benefits. As a result I have completed the certified lab program with Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School, and decided to create the Soil Restoration Course.

One of my greatest passions is science communication, devoting much of my time on community education about the importance of fungi in ecosystems and soil biodiversity in soil restoration. The services I provide include community and school education including seminars and workshops, helping gardeners, food producers and land managers to improve their soils and grow chemical free foods, and bush regenerators to restore habitats. I also lead fungi forays at BioBlitz events, have managed citizen science projects such as the Mycology Research Project and create courses and units such as the Exploring Fungi Unit for schools and communities.

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If you feel super passionate about soil and ecosystem restoration and desire a beautiful, fruitful and abundant future for generations to come, get in touch via givingsoils@gmail.com


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